March 23 2018 13:51:12
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hey good to see you guys still playing together been a while.
Been getting back into gaming abit lately lost a fair bit of interest when they stuffed up the cod series.
Anyways ill pop in and have a chat and annoy Pentu like in the old days ....
cheers guys.
Not seen that tag for awhile.
Yes do come and annoy Pentu, the more the merrier I say.
Pentu won't agree of course.

We all get together on Monday, Wednesday and especially Friday nights.
Yes please come in and annoy Pentu
We need the extra numbers as it can be exhausting
It would also make a change for the guys to kill someone else too

Hey buddy nice to see you again. Wasn't it Xcerl8 or similar?
Either way I look forward to seeing someone else shoot Pentu and Turfy for a change.
Hey I have heard of you lol hello .Pentu we wouldn't pick on you Grin
Clueless wrote:

Pentu we wouldn't pick on you Grin

Yeah just like Pentu doesn't pick on you Cluey
Suck hole would pick on him to,but he loses you when he says"left"or"right"Grin
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